Diving & Snorkeling

Unawatuna is a major diving destination in Sri Lanka with two kilometers beautiful and white sandy bay lined up along with the coconut palm trees. Diving in Unawatuna is a famous activity to do to discover the true beauty that exists in the southern seas in Sri Lanka. Unawatuna bay is recognized as one of the best spots for diving in Sri Lanka. If you are a fan of adventure times, exploring deep under the sea is a great activity you must not miss. One can explore the blue waters with Snorkelling, Surfing and Diving, etc. Diving is another cool water activity that involves swimming or exploring underwater in Unawatuna.  There are lots of health benefits one can gain with diving activity. The health benefits include full body workout, lower blood pressure, improve fitness levels, stress relief and strong interaction with marine life. For diving, one needs to equip more items than snorkelling. One needs to be super fit to become a great diver. With diving, you can explore a wider part of the sea than snorkelling. One can go deep into the shipwrecks, explore more varieties of tropical fish in the far side of the ocean. You can check out what lies deep under the seas near South Sri Lanka while diving in Unawatuna. All these things will offer you an unforgettable diving experience. There are also diving schools placed around the beach to help you to make contented with you single or introductory dives.

For every adventure junkie who wants to dive deep and swim along with the marine animals, snorkeling in Sri Lanka is a must experience. Apart from its pristine beauty, Sri Lanka has come into the limelight for its exotic snorkeling spots which are ideal for exploring the world underwater. The sea in Unawatuna is a perfect place to go on snorkeling. Once you go for Unawatuna snorkeling under the sea, you can check the beautiful world underwater and many species of tropical fish and colorful coral reefs. If we go a little bit far from the island, one can check the mysterious shipwrecks lying beneath the sea. There are lots of colorful varieties of coral reefs under the sea near Unawatuna.