Hiyare Reservoir Rainforest

Hiyare Reservoir rainforest may be a tiny mysterious rain forest that has been referred to as associate degree absolute paradise for life enthusiasts. this can be one in all the most effective unbroken secrets of Galle. Hiyare Reservoir rain forest may be a secondary lowland rain forest with a high diversity and indigenousness of species. The Hiyare reservoir may be a natural lake and is that the main supply of drink to the town of Galle.

There square measure fifty five species of dragonflies, of that twelve square measure found solely within the Hiyare space. seventy eight butterfly species, fifty five devil`s darning needle and 118 bird species are known with 3 endemic to the present space.Compared to the opposite national parks in Sri Lanka, Hiyare is additional serene and peaceful with a quiet.

Compared to the opposite national parks in the country, Hiyare is a lot serene and peaceful with a quiet however massive eco-system of plants, birds, insects, and also the occasional vertebrate like ruminant or gnawer during a fresh environment, seldom disturbed by humans. As a matter of reality, the sole approach through the forest is by foot or a paddle boat as there aren`t any roads within the forest and vehicles have to be compelled to be positioned at the doorway.

A series of conservation activities square measure going down at Hiyare. These efforts square measure created to shield life and also the fragile scheme of the forest.